MaxiClimber Vertical Climbing Fitness System


MaxiClimber Climbing Fitness System

When people think of health and fitness, they naturally think of the gym and working out. While it is indeed true that working out at the gym is a wonderful way of getting in shape, in reality you can train wherever you like with the right tools and equipment. That’s why today, we’re going to be looking at the MaxiClimber Vertical Climbing Fitness System. This piece of home gym equipment has been featured on the TV in the past, and has been gaining a great deal of positive feedback as of late. But is it really as good as people are making out? Well, that’s down to you to decide, with the help of our useful review, of course.

What is the MaxiClimber Vertical Climbing Fitness System?

The MaxiClimber Vertical Climbing Fitness System is a revolutionary new piece of home gym equipment that is taking the health and fitness world by storm. It combines resistance training with cardiovascular-based exercise in one effective step and would make an ideal addition to any fitness space or home gym. The device is sturdy, well-made, stylish, and is easy to assemble and even easier to store. This vertical climber will work your entire body, and what’s more, it is ideal for people struggling with joint issues such as pain in the knees or ankles for example.

What are the key benefits?
Some of the most prominent benefits associated with using the MaxiClimber Vertical Climbing Fitness System include:

Full-body Training
One of the best things about this product is the fact that it provides users with a full-body training experience. Not only is it resistance-based, but it is also a great form of cardio. Using the device will work your upper and lower body muscles, giving you the perfect all-in-one training solution.

Fat loss – Not only will the MaxiClimber help you to build and tone your muscles, another key benefit is the fact that it will also help you to burn body fat and lose weight. That’s because it is a great source of cardiovascular exercise as well. With one hour of use, this device can burn up to 500 calories, which is significantly higher than a treadmill, or exercise bike.

Great for the Joints
If you suffer with knee pain, ankle pain, or joint pain in general, high impact exercise like running can be very painful. The MaxiClimber however, is perfect because there is no impact or stress placed upon the joints, so you can train intensely without pain and discomfort.

 What we didn’t like
As impressed as we were with this product, one area which we felt it could be improved upon was the following:

Wobbly pedals
Sometimes, users have found that the pedals can wobble slightly, which can be of-putting, so just bear that in mind.

Final thoughts
Despite the wobbly pedal issues in a few models, we were very impressed with the MaxiClimber. It is versatile, it’s very effective, and it is very affordable as well. For that reason, we give it 4.7 out of 5.

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